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Pre-treatment,Gelatin manufacturing

What equipment we sell?



Skin Cutter

Applied in skin cutting, also be used for bone crashing, scissors cutting of double rotary shaft, high efficiency.

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U-Skin Treatment Vessel

The U-type vessel is applied to skin raw material treatment and washing.It is fixed with agitator and sieve plate,highly effective and saving water.

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U-Skin Treatment Kettle

CTJG-30KL U-type vessel is applied to fish skin gelatin extraction kettle in raw material pre-treatment and gelatin extraction in one set.

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Extraction Kettle

Meeting the requirement of gelatin extraction, it is coil heat exchanger, air stirring, smooth temperature, top quality and it is made of stainless steel.

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Resin Ion-Exchange Plant

The Resin Ion-Exchange Plant is applied to the treatment of gelatin solution which is to reduce the inorganic Ion, so as to reduce the ash content.

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Cellulose Filter

The cellulose filter is for application in filtration of gelatin solution, which can also be used for beer, drinks, fruit juice and so on, which is with cellulose cake as filtration medium.

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