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2018 global gelatin market size status and consumption regional distribution

2018 global gelatin market size status and consumption regional distribution


Gelatin was first born in Europe in the 19th century. With the continuous growth of the world's population and the increase in the amount of gelatin used by the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage industries, the international gelatin market will continue to grow rapidly in the next few years. The consumption will reach 359,000 tons. Europe is the world's largest producer of skin gelatin, while Asia is the world's main producer of bone gelatin. The production of bone gelatin in China, Japan and India has increased.

The production of world gelatin is mainly monopolized by a small number of multinational companies, mainly including the French Rousselot Group, the Belgian Paibao Group, the German Jialida Group, the US K & K Group and the Japanese NITIM. More than 80% of output. Many small and medium-sized gelatin companies in Asia (mainly concentrated in China and India) account for about 20%. The total production capacity of China's gelatin is about 50,000 tons. The main production enterprises include France Rousselot, Belgium Paibao, Qinghai Gelatin and so on.

Relying on advanced industry technology and huge market demand, advanced countries and regions in the gelatin industry such as Europe and the United States continue to promote the development process of gelatin uses and varieties. In addition to the use of medical gelatin as the outer membrane material of hard and soft capsules, some new Uses have been discovered one after another, such as the use of gelatin as a plasma solubilizer, medicinal coating materials, new materials for wound protection films, and microencapsulated outer membrane coating materials for oily drugs such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, and cod liver oil. The widening use of gelatin products has brought about an increase in demand. Medicinal gelatin is a high-end product in gelatin, and the consumption ratio of medicinal gelatin can reflect the technical level of gelatin technology and national economic situation in a region. Due to advanced technology and economic development in Europe and the United States, the consumption rate of medical gelatin is relatively high.