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Gelatin prospect analysis

Gelatin prospect analysis

Gelatin prospect analysis

1. To create an innovative gelatin industry, we must pay attention to technology research and development

Actively respond to the call of the national innovative economy to achieve innovation in gelatin production technology. There is a saying that science and technology are the primary productive forces. To gain competitive advantage, enterprises must have high-quality product production capacity and quality control capabilities. This is based on technology leadership and production industry leadership. Therefore, the industry's leading companies usually focus on expanding gelatin applications and improving the quality of gelatin production, which is the development direction of many small businesses.

2. Different products have different advantages and disadvantages, and high-quality enterprises will gain more development.

With the strategic implementation of “One Belt and One Road”, the development trend of China's gelatin industry segment market is basically consistent with the international market. The gelatin industry has entered a stage of rapid development, and the technical level of the industry has gradually improved. A group of enterprises with high level and mature technology and large production scale will grow stronger in the competition, and more and more high-end products can be produced, and product differentiation will gradually emerge. High and low-grade gelatin will also open the distance in the application field and sales price. Especially for high-quality medicinal gelatin and high-grade edible gelatin manufacturers, they will usher in more development opportunities and development space.

3. Strengthened industry supervision and purification of gelatin industry

As the country's emphasis on food and drug safety continues to increase, the supervision of relevant departments is gradually strengthening. The explosion of negative news has created certain public pressure on the relevant departments, and sometimes even has to make regular rules. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, consumers' safety requirements for food and medicine are also constantly increasing. These backgrounds make the gelatin market must be regulated.