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Although Europe and the United States occupy a large share of the gelatin market, Asia has grown faster.

Although Europe and the United States occupy a large share of the gelatin market, Asia has grown faster.


The gelatin industry is a small sub-sector in the chemical industry. Global gelatin production is mainly concentrated in Western Europe, the United States, Japan, India and China. Europe is the world's largest producer of skin gelatin, while Asia is the world's leading producer of bone gelatin, especially in China, Japan and India. For the biggest. With the continuous growth of the world population and the increase in the use of gelatin in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food and beverage industries, the international gelatin market will continue to grow rapidly in the next few years.

The production of world gelatin is mainly monopolized by a small number of multinational companies, mainly monopolized by five companies including France Roussillon Group, Belgian Paibao Group, Germany Jalida Group, American K&K Group and Japan NITIM, and its production accounts for the global total. More than 80% of production. Many small and medium-sized gelatin companies in Asia (mainly concentrated in China and India) account for about 20%. The main manufacturers of gelatin in China include French Rousselot, Belgian Paibao and Qinghai Gelatin.

Medicinal gelatin is a high-grade product in gelatin. The consumption ratio of medicinal gelatin can reflect the technical level of gelatin in a region and the national economy. Due to advanced technology and developed economy, European and American countries have a higher proportion of medicinal gelatin consumption.

Advanced countries and regions such as Europe and the United States rely on advanced industry technology and huge market demand to continuously promote the development of gelatin use and variety, and constantly explore new uses of medicinal gelatin. In addition to being used as hard capsules and soft capsules, medicinal gelatin In addition to membrane materials, it can also be used as a plasma solubilizer, a medicinal coating material, a new material for a wound protective film, and a microencapsulated outer film coating material for oily drugs such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and cod liver oil. The widening of the use of gelatin products has led to an increase in demand.

From the perspective of gelatin consumption, Europe is the world's largest gelatin market, accounting for 39.6% of the international gelatin market; North America ranks second with 32.3%; Asia Pacific accounts for 22.8%. Although the market share of European and American countries is relatively large, these traditional markets have become saturated and the growth momentum is weak, while Asia and Latin America, especially in Asia, are growing rapidly, especially in China and India.

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